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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flag Sky and No Snow

We've suddenly fallen into sunny weather, with incredibly clear skies. Flagstaff is situated at the Southern edge of the Colorado Plateau, called the Mogollon Rim. The Plateau extends through this four-corners region of the United States and rides at 7000 ft in elevation in the Flagstaff vivacity.

Many associate simply hot weather with the Arizona climate. Indeed, the entire Southern half of the state is incredibly dry, and hot both. Because of this hot weather at lower elevation we experience incredibly dramatic cloud formations as the hot currents rush towards the mountain air of the Northern regions, and hit the Mogollon Rim en route. The air hits the rim and shoots upwards creating the most beautiful skies.

Yesterday I walked around town and quite simply took photos of Flagstaff sky with its dramatic, quite clear, richly colored blue.

The snow is mostly gone in town, which, I have to admit is strange. The warmth of a day can change so dramatically here through the course of a simple week. We've gotten the second largest snowfall this year in U.S. cities, and yet, in town, the snow is already almost gone.

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