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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

True Love, aka., A Representation of the Good

You may recall, way back in February, I celebrated the future of this possible world through the discovery of a portrait posted on the internet. The thing about this portrait that spoke to me was the way that the moment captured by the photograph made its subject appear as having a wonderful blend of groundedness, balance, creativity, and enthusiasm.

I believe that it can be valuable to give ourselves representations of the ideals we have for ourselves, and what we want to be in our lives. That portrait stood as one of those representations for me. Having gone through this move it seems an appropriate time to renew my own ideals for myself and my life. It turns out, oh happy circumstance, that I came upon another portrait of the very same man I'd posted back in February, and Oh! magic of the stars, this portrait gives me the same wild whir of love the first one did.


image from the Sartorialist

Isn't he lovely?

The ideal that this image represents for me is captured in the enthusiastic openness and bright expressiveness shown by his smile, coupled with the feeling of grounded, balanced honesty that seems to be shown by it too. Sprinkle on a sense of reliability to such a character and I've given myself my own ideal of what it means to be good.

Oh love! Guide me to you! Let me be good with the guidance of you.


  1. Dude, you should totally email The Sartorialist and ask who he is!

  2. laugh. yes, i'm sure we're meant to be. :)

    but, i actually happened upon his real name when i happened upon this portrait of him. i can't imagine though getting a random email from someone i've never met nor heard of and being convinced by that i should meet them. so, i am unconvinced he'd be lured in either. i love how he smiles and appears in his pictures, but i will keep that as my noble fantasy rather than assume it reveals more about him as a person. if i ever do somehow meet him in person though...

    i know! i know! i'm too realistic and boring. :)

    good to hear from you, petya!

  3. he is wonderful!
    i do hope that the person he appears to be and is described as by you is who he really really is, because the world just needs that.

  4. yes. :)

    may we all be as good and noble hearted as he appears and is described to be. may there be many many that fulfill such a description, and many more that fulfill even better.

    yes, the world needs that, and we are all capable of it if we are willing to both open to it, and to demand it overselves too.

    may we all live invested enough lives to be worthy of being described so well, and may it be not only ourselves, but also all our friends that fulfill such clear (and yummy) ideals.