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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunshine Birthday Church Bell Craziness

Here's what the place I now reside and work at looked like (at least, one of its buildings) right at the end of August this year. This picture was taken by the now-11 year old right after she and I arrived here.

You might also recall when I started posting here again in September that the photo I included featured a building with a bell tower on it too.

The point is, this place has bells. I'm glad for that. I love bells that sound the hour from buildings only slightly in the distance. It was, in fact, one of my favorite parts of Montreal--there were old churches, and so too bells, everywhere.

The thing is though, where I live now, they ain't playing typical hourly civic, or church bell announcements. Yesterday at noon I was walking along the green and realized that the bells were chiming a contemporary love song. I JUST TOLD YOU THE CHURCH BELLS WERE CHIMING A CONTEMPORARY LOVE SONG TO ANNOUNCE THAT IT WAS LUNCHTIME. DID YOU READ THAT?!!

I mean, to put it another way, WHAT??!!

Unfortunately, I kept ALMOST recognizing the song, and then not. So, I can't tell you what contemporary love song it was.

I can tell you this, however. Tonight to announce that it was 10 p.m., the church bells played the tune to "You Are My Sunshine." I kid you not. Then ten minutes after 10 the bells played "Happy Birthday." You may know already that t.v. shows can't play the tune to "Happy Birthday" without paying royalties for the song. You think the church here had to pay royalties to chime that tune too?

Anyway, I'm charmed to discover that my college home for the year seems to be inundating me with two of my favorite things simultaneously--the ringing of church bells with the iconic hopefulness of love songs. What a world!

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