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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Day: Day 2: Your Least Favorite Song

(Can I just say I'm pissed that I have to post a video of my least favorite song? I mean, really. I considered modifying the category but remembered part of the point of me doing this is playing by the rules.)

"Piano Man" Billy Joel, circa 1975 Live on the BBC
I figure, if I have to put on a song I hate, might as well make sure it's a video no one has seen and that Mr. Joel has a mustache
(also, just as a sidenote: he'd not yet met Ms. Brinkley at this point.)


  1. I would love to know why...the lyrics? Harmonica played brashly? His voice? The lalalalala part? Please indulge me. :)

  2. kim, the truth is BLARGH i don't even know where to begin i loathe this song so much. WHY WHY is it so popular at karaoke? GAH WHY? i think actually it was having a couple of friends that were into karaoke and so then hearing it over and over, and usually as THE FINAL SONG OF THE NIGHT, that started kicking my irritation around this song into high gear, though i'd disliked it before that. billy joel songs in general grate on my nerves. there is a kind of triteness to them i can't abide. and if you want me to be really honest i could do a whole race analysis on part of what's going on here, but in this forum at least, i'll refrain.