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Monday, June 20, 2011

Iconic Photo: Photo 22

Jenny Shimazu

A mechanic, Jenny Shimazu was discovered while straddling a motorcycle on which she was working. Her modeling and acting career began with her posing as a fragrance and fashion model for Calvin Klein.

She was featured as a "successful lesbian" in the 2005 documentary Power Lesbians UK (also shown elsewhere as Power Lesbians, which featured her specifically as a successful lesbian living in LA). Shimazu's career began at a time when it was less 'safe' to be out as a lesbian in Hollywood, but she kept her androgynous and butch aesthetic front and center irregardless. Her success in the modeling and acting industries have been directly linked to this attitude and appearance.

At the peak of her modeling career, Shimazu walked away from it in order to return to LA and get back to working on cars and motorcycles. She has since re-entered acting work occasionally when the project suits her interests.

To read more about Jenny Shimazu, Tokyo Magazine

(Can I say quickly too that Shimazu is so hot in this pic it makes me feel a little weak.)

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