No one knows what the body can do. -Spinoza

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Short List of Simple Things That Give Me Pleasure

1. Putting the ipod on shuffle while I'm in the house.
2. Laying down.
3. Eating fresh oranges.
4. Eating fresh grapefruit straight out of the peel with my fingers and mouth while it drips all over me.
5. Wearing a dress.
6. Watching the sky.
7. Flowers.
8. Feathers.
9. Holding my bird on my shoulder and whispering to her.
10. Wearing red lipstick.
11. Listening to La Boheme.
12. Cooking.
13. Sharing good tasties with friends that like good tasties too.

What's your list?


  1. 1 lying down in bed at the end of a hard day
    2 how it feels to talk to someone I love
    3 the flavor of salt

  2. 1. Sleeping in late
    2. Cuddling my kitty
    3. Walking dogs
    4. Wearing shoes that I like
    5. Eating fresh cherries
    6. Popping champagne
    7. Surprising people with fun things, and getting surprises
    8. Hugs

  3. 1. Being outside in the morning
    2. High heels
    3. Chocolate-covered shortbread cookies
    4. Smelling my kids' hair
    5. Trees
    6. Sleep
    7. Fugees "The Score"
    8. Counting strawberry blossoms
    9. The library
    10. Android Apps