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Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Day: Why I Love Day 2: Agathos Kate

why i love agathos kate (a pseudonym), by lily-elaine hawk wakawaka

YSL exhibit photo, from the retrospective as it appeared in SF
image from the SF Guardian

years ago yves saint-laurent had just died and the retrospective exhibit of all his work was just about to open in montreal. it was sad. very sad. and so we went together once it actually opened, we two--agathos kate, and me--and walked in silence through the exhibit. we were moved and stunned and inspired by the displays--the clothes, the colors, the crazy shapes, and the hats. ysl has hats. kate LOVES hats. she is the only other person i know that loves hats and will wear them and will go to an event specifically for the hat it means she gets to wear. i love hats too but how many people (in north america) do anymore these days. when will and kate announced their engagement, my kate was happy to know another spokesperson for such things would be alive and out showcasing them in the world. if i'm heart broken she is listening. and usually sad or angry for me too. if i'm dating some man she is skeptical and talking with him and probably shining a little dirty eye at him every once in a while when she doesn't believe he's quite the right match for me, but she'll have a good conversation and tease us about making out anyway. she likes dresses. she has long legs. she's good at biking and owns fixed gear bicycles and SHE LIVES ON TOP OF A HILL so you know those long legs are lucious. she reminds me, if i'm sad, to get those pink boots out of their box and put them on. and then she reminds me to put on that purple lipstick. and then she reminds me really what will make me feel better is dressing up and playing a little bit. i've laughed harder than i can explain over nothing i'll ever remember with kate, and i don't remember what we laughed at because it wasn't anything really. we were just side by side in the car and that means we were having a damn good time. the first time she came to visit me here in arizona she was so happy over how warm it was, when there in montreal it was still winter. and out of her bag came montreal bagels, montreal croissant, montreal chocolatine, and montreal chocolates. the first thing we did was go to buy her a pinkish-dust colored cowboy hat and as she said recently, "damn that hat is sexy." we've gone two years before without seeing each other. i honestly hope we never do that again. but at the end of the two years there we were again calm, and happy, and comfortable and at home with each other. and that's a lot.


  1. *cry cry cry*

    this is so nice! it's a happy cry! this is so nice. thank you.

  2. Awwwww. Very sweet. You both should come here I'll take you hat shopping downtown, seeing as hats are quite important in these parts. Then I would sneak around and shoot pictures while you both enjoyed downtown. Would that be weird? I think it would be fun!