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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend of Rachel Dressing Me Blog Challenge, Day 1

My dear friend Kate and I agreed to a blog and dressing challenge for the extended weekend--we'd each pick one person that would see us every day of the challenge that would also choose what we'd wear over the challenge time period. They'd get to pick everything we'd wear without any input from either of us to try and change their minds or suggestions. Originally we'd talked about going for a whole week like this but with work demands (boringness) in the way we decided to limit it to a time period of only fun days, so three days it was.

Kate was able to have her partner Drew pick outfits for her--and the brave man committed to two outfits a day even. On my side it's my adorable eleven year old daughter. Oh god, to be honest, I've been prepared for the three days to kill me. But, actually day one turned out pretty close to fantastic.

Here are the first two outfits.

Outfit One: Friday Day Time

Zac Posen Dress, Lanvin Heels, Alfresco Unique Group Watch

Outfit Two: Friday Evening
(Going to First Friday Artwalk, on a date with kids--tricky combo for dressing)

All Saints plaid corset dress, Rick Owens sandal wedge boots, Alexander Mcqueen angel four-knuckle ring
(put the ring on right after the pics were taken)


  1. so great. these outfits are awesome. totally recognize the dress at the top, very busty, very lovely.

  2. This is such a sweet "challenge" and bonding/sharing/growing experience. I know if I were to offer this to Audge she would LOVE it...I might wait a few years however. ;)