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Monday, January 11, 2010

Congratulations Master Kate!

Dame Vivienne Westwood, posing in her own design

Dear Master Kate,

Congratulations on your recent accomplishment of having your Master's Thesis accepted, and thereby advancing to the title implied by my address to you at head of this letter.

There is nothing more punk bad ass then completing work on the realities of the international exploitation of women, while simultaneously demanding recognition of the incredible economic complexities inculcating said exploitation, thus arguing against sanctions that might be seen as relevant to the issue. Your mother, I'm sure, is proud, and, quite frankly, all we fellow Brits are too. As I've said before when asked, "I think that genuine talent is extremely rare. Not everyone can do things." Your recent thesis work has shown that you, Kate, have philosophical talent. Even better, it has also shown that you are committed to making a difference in the world, and that you are someone that can and does do such things--that is, make a difference.

Your friend, Elaine, has written and asked me to council you on the appropriate fashion celebrations associated with your recent accomplishment by sending you photos of example outfits I have styled with pieces from my previous collections for your consideration. According to her description of your tastes, the follow boots are a clear first step.

However, my desire is to encourage you to imagine how you may properly represent your interests as you consider the day on which you have your celebratory party. Elaine has made clear the two of you will be drinking champagne together as soon as possible. Considering your sense of humor, you may prefer an ironic allusion to both the militant implications the mainstream often misunderstands feminism to carry, and your various considerations of human rights related fieldwork with the following possible outfit.

However, considering that you are concerned with human rights issues operating in complex global economies, you might want to illustrate with your attire that you actually intend to write on the intricacies of Somali piracy next.

Personally, I suggest you embrace the vibrant costumery of alluding to graduation regalia coupled with the rare elegance demanded of formal occasions and make damned sure the whole world knows your beauty and confidence. I'm sure you can handle couture.

As one final note, though I have not had the opportunity to meet you in person, it is quite clear from your friend's letter to me that you are well-loved, and also deserving of that love.

Much congratulations to you, again.

Quite sincerely,
Dame Vivienne Westwood

1 comment:

  1. dear elaine,

    thank you! *tear*

    the letter from dame vivienne westwood in response to your appeal touched and honoured me. you are a wonderful friend, and thanks for your love, encouragement, and constant support through the writing of my thesis and ever since.

    and wow, those boots belong in my closet. as does the red dress avec cape.

    until dom perignon brings us together again, i am
    your friend, with love,